Speak Eazy Bar, Numazu

Welcome to the Speak EZ Bar

Thanks for coming to EZ English website. Hope cheers with you soon.

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We need a barman or barmaid. Let me know if you have any interest.

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Open 8pm ~


Easy Like Sunday Morning.

What's Happening in September and October

(Sat) 1 Sep - DJ event "SPAZZ"
(Fri) 2 Sep - Rumfire Salsa Night
(Sat) 10 Sep - DJ event "TCY"
(Fri) 16 Sep - Salsa Night
(Sat) 17 Sep - DJ event "Amakusa"
(Fri) 23 Sep - Acoustic Liveshow
(Fri) 30 Sep - Acoustic Liveshow

(Sat) 1 Oct - DJ event "SPAZZ"
(Sat) 8 Oct - Shady Glimpse Feast
(Sat) 15 Oct - Fullmoon Festival
(Fri) 21 Oct - Salsa Night
(Sun) 23 Oct - Further Platonic Presents
(Fri) 28 Oct - Acoustic Liveshow
(Sat) 29 Oct - Helloween Big Bash

email: info@speakez-bar.com